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Dominiando's EMAIL PLUS! is an integrated offer of additional services dedicated to the use of your email boxes and, in particular, includes in a single product all the services listed below: 1) ANTISPAM filter (already present in the standard version) 2) Management of the QUARANTINE 3) ANTIVIRUS protection 4) New WEBMAIL 5) IMAP ... Read more


We are pleased that from today we can provide the local presence service for Hungarian domains. In fact, as for the .de domains (Germany), the administrative contact (admin-c) must be a Hungarian subject. For more information on the requirements of .hu domains. The Hungarian domains, until 12/30/2006, are on offer launch at 50% ... Read more


We are pleased to announce that from today, at our site you can also register Venezuelan domains at the .com.ve extension. At the moment in fact, the direct registration of second level (.VE) is not possible for anyone. Click here for more information on .ve domains. Read more

Romania and Bulgaria are ready to join the European Union from 1 January 2007. Dominiando for some time now proposes the registration of .ro domains and .bg domains and we invite all those who have not yet done so to check the availability of their domains under the Romanian and Bulgarian extensions. For ... Read more


From today it is possible for anyone to register a .mobi domain without any restrictions. However, the technical requirements remain valid, and can be consulted in the inforactive pages of the .mobi extension. Read more


We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to register Mongolian domains. Click here for more information about .mn domain prices. Read more

Also the .com and .net domains introduce the use of the authorization code (auth-code) already used for the .org, .info and .biz domains in the change of registry procedure. From 26 October 2006 this data will become necessary to authorize the change of provider. For more information our staff is available. Read more


We are pleased to announce that from today you can register Isle of Man domains. Read more


We are pleased to announce that from today you can register Hong Kong domains. Read more

ICANN has given the green light to the marketing of the .TEL domains, after 6 years of waiting. The managing body foresees that the new domains will be available from next year, and as usual, there will be initial reserved phases (sunrise period) to owners of registered trademarks, public administrations, etc. In reality ... Read more


The first J24 boat sponsorship experience has ended. Dominiando with the company Improve, co-sponsored a J24 boat to participate in the winter championship organized by the Nautical Club and the Vela Argentario (CNVA). The positioning of the individual tenders (mid-ranking) and in general the final positioning (22/45) was not the most satisfactory, but ... Read more


From today, May 2, it is possible to register .TM domains even for only 5 years, rather than the 10 years that were previously required. Click for more information on .TM domains Read more

In order to guarantee accessible content it is necessary that the .mobi domains are configured on the server that will manage the site so that the first page is coded in xhtml-mp and not via frames. The .MOBI Register and the W3C have developed guidelines for development in compliance with the rules ... Read more

Dominiando is an Official .EU domain Registrar ATTENTION: RECTIFIED NEWS AGAINST THAT OF MAY 23, 2006 EURid has announced that on May 24, 2006 it will publish on its site www.eurid.eu a first list of currently blocked domain names that were requested during the Sunrise Period. This list will be the first of a series. The criterion ... Read more


All listed prices exclude VAT. Live registration fees Registration (1 year): €18 Renewal (1 year): €18 Trasfer: €18 Domain name change: €18 Retrieval and reactivation of a quarantine domain that was previously registered with us: €50 Retrieval, Reactivation and Transfer of domain in quarantine that was previously with another Registrar : €80 Scheduled registration attempt for .EU domain release : ... Read more


Dominiando is an Official .EU domain Registrar From 25th April 2006 it is possible to transfer .EU domains and manage the ownership variation. This last procedure is defined as Trade. In the transfer procedure we can identify the following cases. - Change of Registrar without change of ownership - Change of Registrar with change of ... Read more

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