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There is an abundance of new generic domains, either already active, or about to be, with the aim of distinguishing everything online that is related to the constantly upgraded and evolving technology and IT industry! Cutting edge, without a doubt, these new domains are ideal for creating an online space that ... Read more

The Argentine Registry has announced the activation of new third level domains, which get added to the already existing and functioning .com.ar extension. Starting from November 1, 2016, therefore, it will be possible to register a .net.ar domain in Argentina! There will be no Sunrise period, as commonly happens for the launch of ... Read more

Choose a new domain name for images and photography online and identify your photos, images, videos and all kinds of multimedia files! Perfect for all categories of artists: photographers, designers, painters, etc... amateurs or professionals. Ideal for a company or business that wants to present its products on the Web. Strategic ... Read more

The Finnish authority, FICORA, has relaxed the rules for .fi domain registration, liberalizing them! In fact, since September 5, 2016, to register a Finnish .fi domain it has no longer been necessary to have a company registered at the Finnish Trade Registry, so that anyone, even a foreign subject, can register a ... Read more

Do you have a personal blog? Finally you will be able to make it stand out by registering the new and long-awaited .blog domain. Are you a company? Register your name under the new .blog extension right away to dialogue with your clientele. It will immediately give you credibility! It will be ... Read more

New .store, .shop and .shopping domains: three great extensions to identify your e-commerce online and to better serve your business and products, as well as discounts, deals, promotions and everything else that goes with your business! These offer a new and important opportunity for anyone who wants an extreme personalization of their ... Read more

The Registry of .uy domains in Uruguay has announced the introduction of the international IDN domains. And therefore it is possible to register .uy domains by using the following Spanish alphabet characters: á, é, í, ó, ú, ü e ñ. The activation process will be in 2 phases. Until September 18, ... Read more

The new .shopping domains are also becoming available, confirming the fact that we are in the midst of the generic domain extension program. In fact, a few days after the .store domains actual opening to the public and the announcement of the arrival of the .shop domains, also the new and ... Read more

Choose the new .shop domains to identify your online sales site and to make it visible on the Net, with an address that is easy to remember and a name that is more appealing! The purpose of the new .shop domains is to create a secure, recognizable and trusted space for anyone ... Read more

The new .vip domains, registrable by anyone and without any special requirements, are original, popular and ideal for creating your own web space. The very commonly used expression, "V.I.P.", in fact, refers to concepts of fame and notoriety. So, by choosing a .vip extension and associating it with your name, you will ... Read more

The Registry of .au domains has finally approved the registration of names directly under the .au extension.  The Registry has stated that by being able to register a .au domain directly at the second level, as well as strengthening the au trademark in a highly competitive global market place, you can ... Read more

As part of the launch program for new generic domains, the new and interesting .group domains  are also about to be released, offering endless combinations! In fact, they can identify online groups of people, whether joined together because they share the same hobbies, passions or interests, or because they practice the same sports. But ... Read more

Identify your business online, choose the new .store domain! It will help you present your business better, with more clarity. One of the main objectives of these new domains, in fact, is to cause an anticipation about the content of the site that is about to be visited. So, domain registration ... Read more

As of March 23, 2016, the name of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) will assume the the new name, "European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)", as stipulated in the EU Trademark Regulation. At the same time, the Community Trademark (CTM) will be renamed the European Union Trademark (EUTM) ... Read more

On June 1, 2016 the .?? domain, Cyrillic version of the .eu extension, becomes active and registrable. As with .eu domains, registration rules make it mandatory that the domain owner have an office in the European Community. In addition, new domain names must only use Cyrillic characters. As a general rule, the ... Read more

Are you looking for a new, original and captivating domain, but you have already checked the list of new active domains and nothing catches your fancy? Then you need to search among the new generic domains that are still in the launch phase, or ones that have not entered it yet. Such ... Read more

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